Just like on a rope

A performance for the youngest children aged 1 to 5

“The one at the bottom is made of a felt-tip pen. The one above is from heaven. " (Krystyna Miłobędzka)
The road leads there. Straight or winding.
Is he walking or running? Does it connect or separate? Crosses. Cry. Sometimes it turns back. It disappears and reappears. Leaves a trace. Way from me to you.
The way home.

Written and directed by Lucyna Winkel-Sobczak

Costume designs: Ireneusz Domagała

Sound setting: Paweł Głosz

Duration of the performance: about 35 minutes.

Premiere 17/12/2016 (Concordia Design - Poznań)

  Project co-financed by the City of Poznań