From word to word

A performance for the youngest viewers aged 1.5 to 5 years

The idea of ​​the performance was inspired by the works of an extraordinary poet and author of theatrical scripts for children - Krystyna Miłobędzka. The musicality and simplicity of her lyrics drew our attention to the word as an ambiguous message. What becomes a spoken word without a semantic layer? How many emotions can one word contain? Can a single sound become a word?

We invite you to our colorful sound world where words and sounds come out not only from the mouths of actresses but also from colorful pipes and tubes, which, after the performance, turn into an inspiring playground.

”From word to word, this is how the conversation begins. Long words, short words, loud words, soft words, wise words, stupid words, bad words, nice words. (....)

Which of them will you form a sentence? "

Author's script based on the works of Krystyna Miłobędzka: Lucyna Winkel.

Scenography: Lucyna Winkel

Costumes: Marta Wyszyńska

Sound setting: Radek Mateja

PREMIERE: Concordia Design 2018