Bad weather songs

A concert of songs for children from 2 years of age

You can sing joy or sorrow. You can sing sun, rain and wind.
Singing is great fun and a way of spending free time. The motto of our concert: "sing with your mom, sing with your dad, with your grandmother, with your grandfather, with your sister, with your brother."
Strength and therapeutic as well as the power of this form of expression stimulating the comprehensive development of a child, the power of the human voice is still underestimated in our opinion. We encourage you to sing, and especially to sing together! Our songs are a great opportunity for this!
Wandering song, Song for bad weather, Difficult words, Let's have fun - these are just some of the titles that we would like to sing with you.

The duration of the concert is about 35 minutes

Scenario, melodies and lyrics: Lucyna Winkel-Sobczak

Musical arrangement: Radosław Mateja

The singers are: Kasia Pawłowska, Kasia Tapek and Lucyna Winkel-Sobczak

They play instruments: Radek Mateja on keyboards, Paweł Iwanowski on double bass and Piotr Jaraszkiewicz on drums

Premiere 2021