A bilingual original performance for young people and adults

The performance is an adaptation of Philippe Dorin play called "Ramdam - the talking mirror."
Starring - the Sound Salesman (Artur Szych) and his Echo (Lucyna Winkel) fight about domiantion. It is a study of disagreement.
This performance can be a base for discussion about the development of modern society, the role of individuals in commercial reality, and a need for an opportunity for communication.

The show is performed in the polish-german language version

Translation from the original: Ewa Umińska-Plisenko

German translation: Michael Kurzwelly

Text adaptation and direction: team

Music by: Lech Jankowski


the Sound Salesman - Artur Szych

Echo - Lucyna Winkel

Time of the performance: about 60 minutes.

Premiere - June 16, 2001 (Frankfurt / O)

Premiere in Poznań - January 4, 2005