Stand still, don't move

A performance for teenagers over 13 and adults

Based on a play by Philippe Dorin of the same title.
The question about the basic values and sense of human existence.
In the performance, we observe the "presence" of three theoretically closest people. They pass each other, remaining in separate "incompatible" worlds. Only a child is desperately fighting for its right to be a child. The child of their parents. Unsuccessfully.
Can the process of family breakdown be stopped? Why does the mother not want and cannot be a mother and why the father does not have the courage to be a father? Why does the child always have to pay the highest price for parental mistakes?

Screenplay, artwork and sound: the team

There are:

Father: Arnold Pujsza

Mother: Lucyna Winkel

Child: Katarzyna Pawłowska

Duration: 50 minutes

PREMIERE: October 5, 2009

The performance was realized in cooperation with the Children's Art Center in Poznań