Fairy tale book

A performance for children aged 1.5-5 years

"The Book of Fairy Tale" is a story about searching for a fairy that lives in a huge, colorful book.
In this journey "towards the adventure" we are led by our imagination closed in cards, letters, colors and shapes.
What is Fairy Tale? Where is it hidden? What does she look like?
The subject of the book seems to be an excellent place for creative searches and extraordinary discoveries. Here, something surprising with color, shape and sound can always happen.
Let your imagination run wild and set out together with the Blum Theater Studio on this theatrical journey.

Screenplay and direction:
Katarzyna Pawłowska and Lucyna Winkel
Set design cooperation: Agata Michowska
Starring Lucyna Winkel
Duration of the performance: approx. 30 minutes
Premiere 2011
Logo Poznań
The premiere is co-financed by the City of Poznań