A bilingual original performance for young people and adults

The performance is an adaptation of the play by Philippe Dorin entitled "Ramdam or the talking mirror."
The Sound Merchant (Artur Szych) meets his Echo (Lucyna Winkel) and involuntarily they get involved in a fight for mutual domination. This is a disagreement study.
The performance can be the basis for a discussion on the development of contemporary society, the role of the individual in the commercial reality that surrounds us, and the need and possibilities of people to communicate with each other.
The performance is also staged in a bilingual Polish-German language version.

Translation from the original: Ewa Umińska-Plisenko

German translation: Michael Kurzwelly

Text adaptation and direction: team

Musical arrangement: Lech Jankowski


Merchant of sounds - Artur Szych

Echo - Lucyna Winkel

Duration of the performance: about 60 minutes.

Premiere - June 16, 2001 (Frankfurt / O)

Premiere in Poznań - January 4, 2005